Asset Management

Manual or barcode asset tracking is very labour intensive and prone to errors. Tagit AMS (Asset Management Solution) allows businesses to count and identify assets in a fraction of the time, with minimal labour and no errors.

RFID Asset Tagging, Scanning, Audit and Search

All companies have furniture, fixtures, IT equipment or machinery as assets.  Management of these assets is challenging in everyday operations, such as:

  • Physical counting;
  • Item tracking;
  • Ghost Assets Elimination;
  • Loss Prevention Management;
  • Regulatory compliance, such as Sarbanes-Oxley;
  • Paying taxes and insurance only on assets you own;

Using RFID technology, Tagit AMS was developed to aid companies facing any or all of the above mentioned challenges.

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Compliance with EU & US UHF Frequency and Power Specifications.

Clients in: USA, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, U.A.E, K.S.A, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt.


Tagit AMS is an RFID base asset management solution. The intelligent android asset management app, can work as an independent software or integrate with an existing ERP

It ensures businesses are able to track the availability of assets critical to their operations. 

Businesses can reduce the time spent tracking items in various locations.

Users can get more up to date asset audit reports using RFID. This highlights; unauthorized movements, asset tampering and asset losses on a more frequent interval.

Tagit AMS is backed with a cloud backend that lets administrators configure and assign assets to custodians, departments and buildings. Any movements that happen are subject to an approval hierarchy.

Maintenance, purchasing and finance departments get better reports on assets.

The search feature in Tagit AMS enables you to find assets more quickly and efficiently. 

You can also identify items by location and view asset history and warranty details.

Maintaining an accurate inventory allows you to benefit from our reports and analytic tools.

You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.