Fashion Retail

Using UHF RFID to deliver IoT to the retail industry.

Whether you are selling apparel, handbags, optics or watches, you can benefit from inventory, anti-theft, supply chain and an enhanced customer experience, using a single tag.
We help deliver over 1 million stock checks annually with 99-100% accuracy. 
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Tagit Ice

Why make Tagit Ice your choice?

Making Inventory Interactive, Intelligent and Intuitive

Retailers face constraints that prevent them from achieving their growth and success KPIs. The major constraints are time, labour and money, all of which are extremely important to the success of a company.

With a one tag solution, Tagit Ice integrates stock management with loss prevention. Reducing the go to market time making retail supply chain agile and omni-channel ready.

What is RFID?

RFID uses radio waves to track the items. It means that you don't need direct line of sight toread. UHF RFID tags uses reader radio wave energy and enables tag to receive & send information back to reader.

RFID substantially contributes in overcoming key challenges of Retail Industry

Take a look at what the experts say!

Kurt Salmon indicate a 39% increase in adoption of RFID in retail as industry players see tangible outcome. Read the study!

Some of Our Clients Include


Get omni-channel ready.

Think your stock could be handled better? Talk to Us!

Our TEAS gates offer superior accuracy compared to AM & RF EAS systems. Our gates feature self-learning algorithms which allow retailers to display items near the entrance and avoid false alarms. 

The unique RFID tag ID means staff can be alerted to the specific item that has triggered an alarm, and can also help brands to combat counterfeit products or returns.

Implementing Tagit Ice at sales counters allows multiple items to be scanned in seconds, even if the items are being folded and bagged. This provides a reduced transaction time and an enhanced user experience for your customer. 

A one tag solution for stock counts, faster POS transactions, item search and security. Tagit Ice improves your customer's experience.

Tagi Ice integrates Smart changing rooms and smart displays that provide retailers with information on the items that customers have tried on, including sizes. 

This information is extremely useful for the retailer to make more relevant planning and market research decisions. Additionally, it allows customers to engage with social media channels whilst in-store, leading to greater brand engagement.

Items become smarter with Tagit Ice.

  • A simple scan pulls up details of the item, empowering the salesperson.
  • As your customer views the item, required colors and sizes can be requested from the store warehouse.
  • The salesperson is able to serve the customer without having to leave the shop floor.

Intuitive data available when you need it:

  • Stock check reports
  • Stock movement reports
  • Item level analytics
  • Customer behaviour
  • Footfall Analytics
  • Conversion rates vs stock levels
  • Staff vs conversion vs footfall data

Happy Customers

Tagit RFID Printer and Tags

Haresh Pahuja, Chairman & CEO - Itan Jewels

The days of handwritten quotations and purchase orders, manual stock-taking and telephone requests are long gone with Tagit RFID Solutions Exhibition Module, providing an innovative, suave and instant purchasing order solution.

Tagit Handheld Scanner and Mobile Application

Rihen Mehta – Managing Director 7Cs Diamonds

“We implemented RFID with Tagit in 2010, since then it has grown to support all our business operations from wholesale, manufacturing to outlets. It’s given the control we needed to expand our business.”

Tagit Serial Bus

Mr. Mahindra Kumar, Owner - Panna Jewellers

I am very happy to use Tagit Ice as my inventory management system. It has made my operations faster and convenient. I ordered Tagit Ice online for my jewellery store and received an excellent response from Tagit team all the way from installation to tag printing to solving issues.

Tagit Consignment Box

Shoaib Iqbal, Owner - Real Jewellers

Tagit Ice is the finest solution to assist my business in optimizing my cost, time & workflow as it makes my system transparent and organized by giving me full control over things.

Tagit EAS Gate

Tony Aouad - Retail Director Versace

“Our stock control has greatly improved thanks to Tagit and we have reduced stock shrinkage. We identified a theft within hours and using CCTV footage recovered our pieces.”

Implementation Flow









Each retailer has their own unique challenges and opportunities. At Tagit RFID Solutions we creatively put together our solution components to suit your operations, to help you take full advantage of cloud, mobile, big data, social and footfall analytics as you transform your business.

Store Virtues

Enabling smart stock for smart stores.

Sales Floor

For accurate floor inventory and quicker stock audits.

Fitting Rooms

Smart changing rooms engaging customers and up-selling.


Receive goods faster to eliminate supply chain bottle necks


Quicker checkouts and happier customers.

Front/back room transition points

Move items faster from back store to shop floor. Realize revenue faster

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data enabling more insights into stock, conversions and footfall.
7Cs Group Logo

“Our stock control has greatly improved thanks to Tagit and we have reduced stock shrinkage. We identified a theft within hours and using CCTV footage recovered our pieces.”
Tony Aouad - Retail Director Versace

Mahallati Jewellery Logo

“We implemented RFID with Tagit in 2010, since then it has grown to
support all our business operations from wholesale, manufacturing to
outlets. It’s given the control we needed to expand our business.”
Rehan Mehta – Managing Director 7Cs Diamonds

Versace Logo

“Since deployment of Tagit Ice across our stores we have seen tremendous
ROI in stock checks, activities that previously took hours now get
completed in minutes.”
Mehran Mahallati - Owner Mahallati Jewellery