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Fashion retail is dynamic and fast moving. Having accurate and up-to-date information is essential to allow you to improve sales, customer experience, theft control, stock counting and tracking.
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Challenges Faced by Retailers and how RFID can Assist

Retailers face a variety of daily challenges, including physical stock counting, item tracking and Loss Prevention Management. The major constraints in dealing with these challenges are typically time, resource and cost, all of which are extremely important to any retailer.

Using RFID technology, Tagit Ice to help retailers overcome these challenges.

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Tagit Ice Benefits

RFID Technology simplifies current stock management challenges whilst simultaneously increasing overall control. 

Retailers are able to scan and record large amounts of incoming inventory at a far greater speed than would be possible using a barcode scanner or manual counting method. 

The Tagit Ice solution enables retailers to reduce the time currently spent tracking items from stock room locations to the sales floor.  This also enhances your customer’s experience, as they will benefit from the shorter waiting times. 

Tagit Ice also provides benefits to your staff, as they are able to perform stock checks and complete sales transactions much more efficiently, maximising your Return on Investment.

The Tagit Ice solution utilises intelligent security gates. This optional hardware feature, designed by our engineers, offers a minimum of 15 % increased accuracy compared to the current industry standard. 

These custom designed EAS gates provide greater gap coverage to the end user with the benefit of instantly identifying the exact item passing between them.

Implementing the Tagit Ice Solution at sales counters allows multiple items to be scanned in seconds, even if the items are being folded and bagged.This provides a reduced transaction time and an enhanced user experience for your customer. 

The Tagit Ice solution does not require the tag to be removed from the item once the sale is completed, offering further savings on transaction time.This is achieved by our solution automatically deactivating the RFID tag once the item has been registered as sold and invoiced.

With Tagit Ice, retailers have the option to introduce SMART changing rooms. 

These SMART changing rooms provide retailers with information of the items that customers have tried on, including sizes. 

This information is extremely useful for the retailer to make more relevant planning and market research decisions.

With the use of RFID Technology, retailers are able to achieve faster stock checks and verification. 

Retailers can also perform stock checks more frequently. 

The Tagit Ice solution offers greater preventive loss management to retailers in terms of time taken to locate missing items.

Maintaining an accurate inventory allows you to benefit from our reports and analytics tools.

You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.

Solution Components

Tagit RFID Printer and Tags

RFID Printer and Tags 
The purpose of the RFID printer is to print tags with RFID encoding. The printer supports advanced features and connectivity options and can print and encode accurately and efficiently to produce labels that meet your specific requirements.

Tagit RFID Jewellery Tags are extremely durable and are easily attached to any item.You can also print logos on the tags to customise them further.

Tagit Handheld Scanner and Mobile Application

Tagit Handheld Scanner and Mobile Application 
The Tagit Handheld Scanner (THS) is based on an integrated UHF RFID reader. It is designed to perform at 100% accuracy for the range of tags offered by Tagit. The THS is compatible with any Windows or Android device.

The Tagit Ice mobile application offers the user three major options: Stock Check, Consignment and Search. Download it at Google Play Store

Tagit Serial Bus

Tagit Serial Bus 
The Tagit Serial Bus (TSB) is an optional hardware device that can be used at the Point of Sale. Making use of our proprietary Data to Cursor software, the TSB can be integrated with your ERP software. This allows you to scan sale items in seconds and automatically transfer data to produce an Invoice or Sales Report.

Tagit Consignment Box

Tagit Consignment Box 
The Tagit Consignment Box (TCB) is used to instantly scan large quantities of items. Designed by our engineers, the TCB can scan any and all items that can fit inside it.

Tagit EAS Gate

Software Integration
At Tagit, we have integrated our RFID solutions into a large number of customer systems and ERPs, including Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Our software team will work with you to deliver a seamless integration.

Implementation Flow









The Tagit Ice Solution can be easily integrated with any ERP’s currently used the retail industry.

Tagit RFID Solutions offers various RFID tags in all shapes and sizes to suit any type of item for any required solution.

Item scanning is made easy with the Tagit Ice solution. Tagit RFID Scanners are compatible with any windows or android device.

Store Virtues

Tagit Ice to enable smart stock for smart stores.

Sales Floor

For accurate floor inventory

Fitting Rooms

For left behind and exception items


For inventory accuracy


For inventory decrement, automatic replenishment

Front/back room transition points

For inventory locationing

Business Intelligence & Analytics

For centralized monitoring & decision support
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“We implemented RFID with Tagit in 2010, since then it has grown to support all our business operations from wholesale, manufacturing to outlets. It’s given the control we needed to expand our business.”
Rehan Mehta – Managing Director 7Cs Diamonds

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“Since deployment of Tagit Ice across our stores we have seen tremendous ROI in stock checks, activities that previously took hours now get completed in minutes.”
Mehran Mahallati - Owner Mahallati Jewellery

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“Our stock control has greatly improved thanks to Tagit and we have reduced stock shrinkage. We identified a theft within hours and using CCTV footage recovered our pieces.”
Tony Aouad - Retail Director Versace