Footfall Counter

Tagit Counter provides you with a range of solutions from footfall and employee attendance to secure access control and data analytics that help identify visitor trends.

Our Tagit Counter solutions integrate RFID with footfall counting, enabling them to perform a number of key functions, including:

  • Footfall and daily attendance for offices, construction sites, hospitals, hotels and events;
  • Differentiate between employee and customer footfall in Retail to improve conversion accuracy;
  • Identify unique employee, delegate and visitor footfall at exhibitions;
  • Contact less Secure Door entry for authorized personnel;

We are an accredited Irisys Synergy Partner for the GCC and MENA regions, which allows us to provide you with extremely competitive pricing and superior support.

Footfall counter (People Counter) measures footfall and customer traffic in retail stores and shopping mall to collect retails analytics. The term footfall counter is used more frequently instead of people counter in the retail industry as the term footfall refers to the amount of foot traffic that a store gets

Tagit Occupancy Count

An occupancy counting and monitoring solution for small buildings that delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. Designed for buildings with one entrance/exit, Occupancy Count includes everything you need to start collecting live occupancy data. Occupancy data can be downloaded for record keeping, auditing and compliance purposes.   


·        Live, highly accurate and occupancy data.

·        Visual warnings and alerts –  with customizable occupancy limits

·        Fast and easy, self-install solution

·        Support for multiple entrances

·        Optional Staff identification and exclusion


How Occupancy Count works

Occupancy Count  uses Irisys vector 4D people counting sensors to accurately and anonymously count people as they enter and exit a building. These sensors are discreetly installed on ceilings above doorways or entrances/exits

Data can be accessed locally via any WiFi enabled device * (Occupancy Count) or remotely via any internet connected device and the Irisys True Occupancy cloud platform (Occupancy Count).

Occupancy counting infour simple steps :

1.      Install vector 4D above entrance/exit

2.      Configure count lines and connect sensor to WiFi access point

3.      Count Customers and visitors accurately and anonymously

4.      View live occupancy data

Some of Our Clients Include


Thanks to our implementation of RFID, employees no longer have to queue for finger print or access card scanning.  How many times have you entered an exhibition and had to stand and wait whilst the barcode on your visitor badge was manually scanned?  Imagine not having to wait in such queues any longer.   

In addition to our Tagit Counter solutions providing you with the valuable data you require, they also provide a much better user experience for your employees and customers. They also include built-in intelligence to detect when someone tries to circumvent the system, such as carrying multiple ID cards or leaving ID cards in one location for extended periods of time.

Tagit Counter provides a number of different reports, including:

  • Footfall by day, week, month, year and location;
  • Distribution of visitors;
  • Employee Attendance;
  • First time on site, last time off site;