The Hotel Industry's $1.25B Problem

Hotel room linen costs the hotel industry $1.25B annually.
With Tagit Linen Count you can manage your linen & laundry smarter, faster and more accurately.

What is Linen Count?

Tagit Linen Count is an RFID solution for counting linen movements from hotel to laundry. The linen have an RFID tag which is scanned using the RFID scanner into an android App. Large volume of linen are counted and sorted in seconds. The application logs all movements and was cycle consumption of linen.

All concerned departments can view reports:

  • House keeping for inventory levels and wash cycles
  • Finance for billing
  • Purchasing for order and life of linen

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Tagit Linen Count


If we factor in premium items like duvet covers, pillow shams, and bathrobes, that estimate goes up to $350 per room or $1.75 billion.

That means the cost of replacing lost linen is between $50 and $70 per room, or between $2.5 million and $3.5 million industry-wide


Linen Count Features

The solution allows multiple scanners to be used simultaneously!


Tagit Linen Count App supports usage with and with-out RFID scanner.

Some of Our Clients Include


Tagit Linen Count solves stock management challenges whilst simultaneously increasing overall stock control. 

Whether your laundry is cleaned in-house, or you use an external laundry company, our app helps streamline the process of transferring linen.

Our solution will count and sort the items in each laundry load, and count the items upon their return. It will immediately highlight any missing items, and tell you exactly which items are missing.

Being able to count without opening the packages means your linen and towels remain clean and sanitised for your customers.

Linen losses can occur from items going missing during laundry movements, or theft.
Tagit Linen Count helps reduce losses by:

  • Logging all linen movements to and from the laundry.

  • Identifying any variances as they happen.

  • Providing search functionality to locate misplaced items.

  • Reconciling laundry counts to avoid wrong billing.

  • Highlighting variances to allow claiming costs of lost linen.

If you are currently doing your laundry based on weight or manual counts, there is no way of knowing how many times an item has been washed.  

Now you don't have to judge the condition of your linen based on how it looks and feels.  

  • Set usage thresholds for consumption
  • Get automated alerts on when items are used over limits.
  • Find items to be disposed using the 'Add to Search' button.

You can also plan disposal and restocking more accurately, and extend the life of your linen by up to 30% by rotating your stock based on actual usage.

Our solution provides: 

Variance Report

  • Open transactions - Missing or in transit items;
  • Closed (Variance) - Highlights closure of incomplete transactions;
  • Closed (No Variance) - Completed transactions;

Consumption Reports

  • Number of times an item has been washed.
  • Items that have exceeded user-defined thresholds for total wash counts;


Tagit RFID Printer and Tags

RFID Laundry Tags 

Our highly durable T32 laundry tag has been specifically designed to cope with the rigorous conditions of commercial laundry and can withstand high compression and exposure to laundry chemicals.

  • Can be stitched or heat-sealed onto items;
  • Lasts for up to 250 wash cycles;
  • Non-magnetic tag, also suitable for hospitals;
  • ISO 18000-6 Type C compliant;
Tagit Handheld Scanner and Mobile Application

Mobile App
Tagit Linen Count App is intuitive and easy to use.

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Tagit Serial Bus

RFID Readers

Tagit Linen Count supports a variety of RFID readers, including handheld and fixed-position readers.

Whether you want to count items down a laundry chute, in a trolley or in a laundry bag, we have the perfect solution for you. 



Laundry Tags



RFIS Scanner


RFID Reports

Data Analytics

Our solutions can be deployed globally. Download our mobile laundry RFID app and signup today.

We ship to customers across the world. We work closely with most topline Linen Manufacturers to have our tags pre-fitted.