Laundry Management

Hotels and Fitness Centers face daily operational challenges in laundry and linen management. We provide RFID solutions specifically designed to address these challenges.
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Count & Sort your Laundry with Speed and Accuracy

Hotels and Fitness Centers turn over large volumes of laundry on a daily basis.  This makes it very challenging when it comes to tasks such as physical stock count, loss prevention and the tracking of linen and towels as they are used by customers.

Tagit Linen Count enables you to do all of the above, and more.

  • Count laundry every times items move In/Out of facility.
  • Know 'How Many Time' an piece of cloth has been washed.
  • Consumption reports highlight what items can be used vs the one that need replacement.
  • Movement logs track all variances in laundry transaction minimizing losses and errors.

Some of Our Clients Include


Tagit Linen Count solves stock management challenges whilst simultaneously increasing overall stock control. 

Whether your laundry is cleaned in-house, or you use an external laundry company, our app helps streamline the process of transferring linen.

Our solution will count and sort the items in each laundry load, and count the items upon their return. It will immediately highlight any missing items, and tell you exactly which items are missing.

Being able to count without opening the packages means your linen and towels remain clean and sanitised for your customers.

Current linen loses occur due to either items getting missed in laundry cycles or theft. Tagit Linen Count takes of this by:

  1. Keeping a full log all linen movements to and from laundry with variances being highlighted. With the RFID tag stitched into the linen, authenticity of the linen is also guaranteed. Hotels will always get THEIR linen back.
  2. Letting staff search for linen when needed. Set of linen assigned to rooms can be quickly scanned at checkout to verify any discrepancies.

If you are currently doing your laundry based only on weight or manual counts, there is no way of knowing how many times an item has been washed. No need to judge the condition of a linen based on how it looks and feels. Tagit Linen Count allows you too:

  • Set a maximum consumption and or wash limits, and view a report highlighting linen that has exceeded this limit.
  • Consumption and Variance Reports provide the complete history of all tagged items, including their wash counts.

This provides management with the information they need to plan for the disposal of the tagged item once it has reached the end of its life cycle, and also allows you to rotate stock for maximum efficiency.

Scanning with RFID provides the following: 

Variance Report Shows:

  • Open transactions - highlights missing or in transit items.
  • Closed transactions (Variance), - highlights closure of incomplete transactions.
  • Closed transaction - completed transactions.

Consumption Reports Show:

  • No of times an item has been used and washed.
  • Setting threshold allows to alert when items have gone over acceptable number of washes.
  • Items to be discarded can be automatically added to search, found and singled out.


Tagit RFID Printer and Tags

RFID Laundry Tags 

Our highly durable laundry tag T 32 has been specifically designed to cope with the rigorous conditions of commercial laundry. It withstand high compression and exposure to washing chemicals.

  • Can be stitched into care labels or heat sealed.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • Up to 250 wash cycles guaranteed.
  • Non-magnetic tag, suitable for hospitals.
  • ISO 18000-6 Type C compliant.
Tagit Handheld Scanner and Mobile Application

Mobile App

Tagit Linen Count App is intutive and easy to use.It enables users to:

  • Scan all IN/OUT movements.
  • Logging and recording in-depth transaction history. 
  • Cloud connectivity and a centralized db connectivity.

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Tagit Serial Bus

RFID Scanning Device

Tagit Linen Count supports a number of portable devices for scanning on the go. It connects with any Windows or Android device, providing data portability over the cloud. 

For larger operations and uniform management we offer RFID, checkout counters and high-power tunnels in various sizes.

Solution Flow


Original Inventory absorbed into Tagit Linen Count Mobile application.


RFID Laundry tags are stitched into care label of the items.

RFIS Scanner

Handheld reader is provided to check stock.

RFID Reports

Reporting tools enables the user to access the data instantly.

Our solutions are built to be global. We ship to customers across the world and our expert engineers help customers deploy and use. 

With robust and dynamic backend the solutions can be integrated with legacy applications if needed.