The hospitality industry faces several challenges, including asset tracking, linen supply costs and theft prevention.  Tagit provides RFID solutions specifically designed to address these challenges.
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TAGIT RFID Solutions for the Hospitality Industry


Hotels and Fitness centres face a variety of challenges in everyday laundry management operations.  These challenges include physical stock counting, loss prevention and the tracking of linen and towels as they are used by customers.

Tagit’s Laundry Management Solution enables you to tag, audit, check-out, check-in and control laundry with speed and accuracy.

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Tagit Laundry Benefits

Using our RFID Laundry solution solves stock management challenges whilst simultaneously increasing overall stock control. 

Staff can scan and record large amounts of inventory in vastly reduced timescales, leading to reduced costs for your company. 

Empowers management and staff to carry out more frequent checks and identify any lost or misplaced linen or towels.

This is especially useful when you are using an external laundry company.  Our solution will count the items in each laundry load assigned to the laundry company and count the items upon their return, immediately highlighting any missing items.

Being able to count without opening the packages means your linen and towels remain clean and sanitised for your customers.

Our security gates offer a minimum of 15 % additional accuracy when compared to the current industry standard. 

They improve upon the typical Prevention & Loss Management systems currently used in the Hospitality and Fitness Centre industries with their improved accuracy and ability to also provide footfall.

The gates reduce linen and towel theft by immediately identifying tagged items passing between the gates.

Using RFID, Hotels and Fitness Centres can identify the exact amount of usage an item has undergone. 

Reports can provide the complete history of all tagged items, including their wash counts.

This provides management with the information they need to plan for the disposal of the tagged item once it has reached the end of its life cycle.

Maintaining an accurate inventory allows you to benefit from our reports and analytics tools.

You can use your data to make more informed decisions, helping you to increase efficiency, reduce wasted time and lower costs.

Tagit RFID Hi-performance UHF GEN2 Laundry Tag

Tagit RFID Printer and Tags

RFID Laundry Tags
Our highly durable laundry tags have been specifically designed to cope with the rigours of commercial laundry.

Tagit RFID Laundry tags are able to withstand compression as well as exposure to all types of detergents or chemicals.

They also feature the ability to endure the high temperature requirements of the commercial laundry process.

Tagit Handheld Scanner and Mobile Application

Robust & Durable
Tagit RFID Laundry tags are extremely robust and durable.  They are encased in a silicon compound, allowing for complete protection from all potentially hazardous laundry-based elements.

Tagit Serial Bus

Discrete & Unobtrusive
Tagit RFID Laundry Tags can easily be embedded or stitched into the hem, label or pocket of any laundry item.

Laundry Management Solution Flow


Original Inventory absorbed into Tagit RFID application.


RFID Laundry tags are produced and stitched/fixed to the items.

RFIS Scanner

Handheld reader is provided to check stock.

RFID Reports

Reporting tools enables the user to access the data instantly.

All Tagit Ice Solution software can be easily integrated with any ERP’s currently used the Hospitality Industry.

Item scanning is made easy with the Tagit Ice solution. Tagit RFID Scanners are compatible with any windows or android device.