Tire Management

Whether it’s regulatory compliance, warehouse management or the need for faster stock counts, our tire solutions can help you.

Working directly with Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) on a Federal initiative, we developed the application used by ESMA officers which enables them to audit tire suppliers.  

As a registered and approved ESMA supplier, we are also able to supply tire tags.

Tagit Solutions for Tire Management

Our tire tags provide superior range and durability, allowing easier scanning and accessibility. This means stock counts, binning, loading and delivery verifications can all be done with speed and accuracy.

We have a number of solutions available to help you manage your tire business.  From simple tire counting to advanced Warehouse Management, we have it covered.  RFID will help streamline your tire operations and reduce the time taken to carry out daily tasks.

Some of Our Clients Include

Tagit Tire Management Benefits

By using RFID tire tags, you can benefit from being able to read tags at range, without requiring line of sight.  This is particularly useful when tires are stored in piles, or are loaded into vehicles.   

The addition of our Warehouse Management Solution provides further benefits from an inventory management and logistics perspective.

Using our RFID Tire Solution can help you keep track of stock levels, enabling you to make more informed purchasing decisions.  

You can also find specific tires using the Search functionality of our solution.