Multiple Order Booking in Exhibitions at the Click of a Button

Multiple Order Booking in Exhibitions at the Click of a Button

By creating harmony between delicate craftsmanship and new-age technology, Itan designs exquisite bangles that transcend tradition and trend.  Synonymous with leadership and finesse, Itan is a glowing testament to achievement; a distinctly different brand that transforms dreams into reality.

The Challenge

With an ever-increasing client base wanting to place orders, Itan quickly realised that participating in exhibitions globally was the best method to reach out to clients and showcase their range of products.

This brought its own set of challenges due to limitations in carrying high value jewellery pieces to exhibitions, insurance costs and issues with stock availability.  The ordering process was all done manually which was extremely time-consuming and frustrating for both the Sales Associate and the customer.

“Time is of the essence for merchants and retailers looking to maximise their presence at industry events. There is a huge cost involved for all concerned and it is critical to capture and secure business opportunities within limited timescales.”

         - Haresh Pahuja, Chairman & CEO – Itan Jewels

The Solution

Impressed by Tagit’s Exhibition Module, Itan decided to tag all of their products with RFID tags with the goal of improving their entire operation including:

•                Comprehensive list of product enquiries

•                Order booking with flexibility to choose preferred sizes & designs

•                Instant email confirmation on orders placed - direct to client & internal teams

•                First to market for managing replenishment

•                Safe guarding stocks and avoiding human errors / delays


The Tagit Exhibition Module was specially customised with Itan’s product categories for an even easier order booking process.

Business Results & Benefits

Mr. Pahjuja explains: “With only two or three Sales Associates per exhibition venue, it was common for one person to be consumed purely with taking inventory, which can adversely impact customer service.  With the Tagit Ice Exhibition Module, customers are able to place orders instantly and receive confirmation and invoice copies in real time.”

Since their first experience of Tagit’s Exhibition Module, there has been no looking back for Itan’s Management team. The jeweller no longer has to rely on sales estimates at exhibitions, and the solution provides a much better experience for Itan’s customers and Sales Associates.