Tagit Launched new T12 Jewelry Tag

Tagit Launched new T12 Jewelry Tag

Tagit RFID Solutions

                             Successfully launches the latest T12 Tags for Jewellers

Tagit RFID solutions have launched their latest T12 Tags globally at the VOD International Jewellery Show, Dubai.  These Tags are designed with better performance and 10% more efficiency than T3 Tags.  


T12 Tags assure to have a high responding rate, help in faster scanning, quick stock check and long range reading.


                                      Video clip shows how T12 tags are better than T3 tags


The T12 Tags are available for purchase at www.tagitglobal.com and you could also ask for free demo session to test the quality & efficiency.

Tagit heavily invests in Research & Development to engineer RFID products which are up-to-date with the latest technology in the market. We constantly develop our solutions to provide our customers with better solutions and services.

About Tagit RFID Solution:

Tagit is an engineering company focused on the development of RFID innovative services and enterprise information systems integration. We help our customers carry out their daily work in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.