Tagged over $5Billion of Jewelry Stock and Counting

Successfully deployed globally with customers across
14 countries

Managing Inventory across 40 million sq ft of Retail Space

Revolutionizing the Fashion Retail business with Tagit Ice The Smart RFID solution

2,621,009  Minutes Saved of Time Wasted in Asset Audits

Save time and money with Tagit AMS solutions
Custom built to meet your specific requirements

The Award Winning Hotel Laundry Solution

Tagit Linen Count uses RFID to help you save time and money counting and sorting your laundry.

UAE Government ESMA Approved RFID Tire Tags

Warehouse Management, Delivery Verification and
Process Optimizing Solutions for the Tire Industry

500 Million Visitors Counted Annually

Our Cloud-based Tagit Counter solution measures footfall and gives access to retail analytics and reports on the go 
START COunting

Tagit "THE" RFID Experts!

The first company to innovate and research RFID and to build solutions that work. 

Since 2009, we have succeeded in projects where 'white label' vendors failed, having innovated tags and evolved a robust RFID middleware. 

At Tagit our focus is 100% accuracy, and our promise is to deliver ROI for many years.

We are proud to be servicing customers in 14 countries, with solutions that are plug & play. Just order as per your requirements, ship the solution and deploy.

Our solutions are used globally by customers in the USA, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK, India, Lebanon, Thailand, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.    

The Problem

Counting manually is time consuming and error prone

When counting anything from jewellery in a retail store to towels in a hotel or to people at an event, doing so manually is mind numbing, time consuming and is susceptible to human error.
The Solution

Using Tagit gets the job done in seconds with 0% error

Tagit offers the regions most advanced RFID tags, readers, systems and consultation services to solve any asset management and inventory challenge. We help businesses grow by helping them run more efficiently and saving time and money at the same time.
Step 1

Attach RFID Tag to each product

Step 2

Scan products in one go

100% accuracy in a fraction of the time!
Save time with TAGIT


Jewellery & Diamonds

Imagine This 

  • 21:00 store closes.
  • 21:30 stock check completed.
  • 22:00 home in bed.

Tagit Ice delivers this and more!


Fashion Retail

Tagit Ice delivers:

  • A single tag solution for inventory and security. 
  • Allows items misplaced or in back of store to be searched quicker. 
  • Omnichannel management and transparency across the supply chain.
  • SMART stock that interacts with customers, bring IoT to life.
Need IT

Asset Management

Manual or barcode asset tracking is very labour intensive and prone to errors. Tagit AMS (Asset Management Solution) allows businesses to count and identify assets in a fraction of the time, with minimal labour and no errors.

WAnt it

Laundry Management

The hospitality industry faces several challenges in linen laundry In/Out counts and loss prevention.  Tagit Linen Count is a RFID solution specifically designed to address these challenges.

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Tire Management

Whether it’s Government compliance, warehouse management or the need for faster stock counts, our tire solutions can help you.

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People Counting

Tagit Counter provides you with a range of solutions, from employee attendance to secure access control to visitor trends and data analytics.